Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary
Question from on 07-23-2007:
Hi Father Levis,

I have met Father Triglio and I watched Leaps of Faith and enjoy the program. Now I can place a face when I read your responses.

I sent something to Apologetics but I prbably should have sent it to you. It concerns our Dear Blessed Mother. In my parish, I never heard a priest tell the congregation on the importance of saying the Rosary EVERYDAY, wearing the Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, going to Confession and attending Holy Mass everyday if you can. The only time Mary is discussed is on her feast days, the Christmas season and the Wedding at Cana. However, the priest at the Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament, in the 15 or so times I have gone there, Mary and the Rosay has been mentioned many times.

I'm beginning to think that when men enter the seminary to become priests, Mary and the Rosary is not discussed, or at least, the importance of it does not seem important.

I've been taught and believe that Jesus will never refuse Mary anything she asks of Him for our salvation. I continue to pray and ask for Mary's intercession regarding my life and the life of family and friends.

I have heard from people who are Catholic but believe Mary had other children with St. Joseph and do not believe me when I have told them that both Mary and St. Joseph took a vow of Chasity. One man told me that Mary was only the Mother of Jesus and does not believe Mary is our Mother. She's dead and that's it. I've heard terrible things said about Mary who Loves us so much she willingly sacrificed her Son for our salvation because it was the will of God.

Why isn't the importance of Mary and the Rosary preached about more often?

God Bless You for all you do.

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 07-24-2007:
Rocco, One of the most unfortunate occurences since about 1960 in American Catholicism is the loss of Marian devotion. Many priests seldom preach about Mary, except on rare occasions. I suspect these men are strongly affected by an ecumenical spirit. Since few Protestants give Mary any role in their faith journey, since others teach notions contrary to Catholicism (e.g. Mary bore many children), since others write that we were too Marian before the Council, and for other reasons, Mariology has fallen on bad times in America. I want to congratulate you for finding Mary and want to encourage you to keep her always in your daily prayers and intercessions. Marian devotion is a sign of your eternal salvation. Fr. Bob Levis

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