End Days

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The End Days
Question from on 06-22-2007:
I have been reading the Bible about this certain topic, and I keep finding dead ends on this matter. I would like to know greater in depth "what to expect on those last days and what are the chain of events will we recieve before the last day occurs" I hope that you may be able to help me on this dealema. May God Bless you. -Christina Marsala Age 17
Answer by Richard Geraghty on 07-07-2007:
Dear Christina,

The Church does not teach a great deal about the end days other than to note there will be an end to this world at the Last Judgment when Christ will come again the judge the whole world. What the Church does emphasize that when a person dies, that is the end of the world for them. That is what individuals should concern themselves with. When people start trying to figure out whether the end of the world is coming soon, they get all disturbed and start talking and looking about and distract themselves from what is in their control; namely, their own lives. No matter what is coming, they can go to church, say their prayers whether the world will end in a week or in a million years. Only Christ knows when the world will end and he has told us. If that knowledge were essential for our salvation, he would have told us. So relax and just keep saying your prayers.

Dr. Geraghty

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