Spiritual Dryness

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Spiritual Dryness
Question from on 07-05-2007:
Hi Father ~

I just read someone's post on spiritual dryness... and you recommending Dark Night of the Soul and St. Teresa's book on prayer. I've read both. I have been in a darkness for about 20 years. I do attend Mass (Sunday's and Holy Days). I go to daily mass when I can, pray the Rosary, Chaplet, etc. daily. I usually go to confession monthly. The Dark Night has been sooooo long. It's really hard. In reading the 2 books I mentioned above, it would seem that I'm in darkness because I have not been as good (holy, spriritual, prayful) as I could. Granted I have times (being human) that I'm a bit more distracted. But, I feel such a longing... need for Jesus. It hurts.

Any comments??

Thanks so much. Mary
Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 07-06-2007:
Dear Mary, Don't forget that it ordinarily takes a long lifetime for God to do you over in the interior life with the Dark Nights of St. John of the Cross. Once it begins, it takes long for God to do his work. What is he doing? He is replacing the work of the senses, displacing it, and substituting his own properties. It is a life of faith, hope, and love where we don't understand (faith), where we look ahead to Heaven (hope), and where we love only him (charity). The human reaction is darkness, confusion, displacement. I highly recommend Barbara Dent's work "My Only Friend Is Darkness" which can be obtained from ICS publications in Wash. D.C. Don't be discouraged, God is at work and sometimes he uses heavy gear.Fr. Bob Levis

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