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Question from on 07-03-2007:
in the past 6 weeks i've asked this same question of you all and i don't understand why i have not rec'd a response!!. i would like to know why, when i was in catholic school i was taught by sisters of charity, sisters of notre dame and fransicans in h.s. that the virgin mary never died but was taken up to heaven bodily. now i see on t.v. that devotion is being made at her TOMB. i thought only enoch, elijah,and JESUS were the only ones taken w/o dying. what's the story w/ mary now? also all the same question boxes are still full and have been for 6 weekd. why is that? please respond ASAP.

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 07-04-2007:
Dear Louis, I occasionally receive this question (yours never turned up in my Forum) and promptly reply that the Church does not authoritatively teach that Mary the Virgin Mother actually died. ONe may hold either view - that she died or that she was taken up to Heaven live. Both views are permitted since there is no definite revelation on the subject. Fr. Bob Levis

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