Funeral options with cremation

Funeral options with cremation first
Question from on 07-20-2007:
My parents and I are life long practicing Catholics. We would like to know the Catholic doctrine on cremation and funeral options. We would like to have the cremation first, with the cremation vessel present at the funeral for the Catholic funeral mass and rites. Who can inform and guide us on this? We are members of Prince of Peace Parish in W. Bloomfield, MI.

If the above is not allowed, is a priest able to perform a Catholic funeral at the funeral home?

Or, would the priest only be able to perform a memorial service?

My mother is 75 and had a heart attack 9-06, and my father is disabled 16 yrs from a stroke. We wish to know ahead of time of the options, when the family in not devastated with grief.

I've searched several Catholic sites, and there does not seem to be a well written, informative, concise answer to this question. Please respond quickly or refer us to the appropriate expert.

Thank you.
Answer by Catholic Answers on 07-23-2007:
Dear SM,

The Catholic Church does allow cremation. However, the remains are to be placed in a Catholic Cemetary where they will be reverenced and where Mass is periodically offered for the souls of such remains.

It is possible to have the urn present at the funeral Mass.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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