rosary during mass?

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rosary during mass?
Question from on 07-14-2007:
Is it ok to say the rosary during mass? Sometimes I try to give myself a head start by saying it during the "down time" at mass (bringing up the gifts, and after I've done my prayers after Communion) but in my heart I feel like maybe I should just be focusing on the mass ... Thank you so much for your forum... it is such a blessing to all of us thirsting for knowledge and a deeper relationship with the Lord. God Bless You always!
Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 07-16-2007:
I am not sure that it is best to pray the rosary during the Mass. I see it more appropriately prayed before or after Mass. If you pray it during the readings at Mass, then one would not be paying attention to the readings. If you pray it during the consecration, then one is distracted from paying attention to the consecration. It seems like praying other prayers during Mass would distract from full and conscious participation in the Mass. (Of course if the priest is giving a never-ending boring homily, then ....)

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