Question from on 07-12-2007:
Hello, After a long period of reflection and discernment I am considering becoming a Deacon. I was baptized and raised a Ukrainian Catholic. I am recently married and my wife and I now live in the Los Angeles area. My wife is a member of the Roman Catholic Church and we both attend a local parish of like kind. There is no Ukrainian Catholic Church within even moderate proximity. Can I as a member of the Ukrainian Catholic Church become a Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church and by default be assigned to the local Bishop or would I have to become a Deacon in the Ukrainian Catholic Church even though there is not a church within a reasonable distance? My local Priest is a very good man and believes it is not a problem however he often says what he believes versus researching and finding the definitive answer. Thank you for your assistance.

Answer by Robert J. Flummerfelt, J.C.L. on 07-27-2007:
Hi John,

Blessings to you. I noticed that you mentioned that you live in the LA area, downtown, there is a Ukrainian Catholic parish - I bet you were aware of that though. The best thing to do, would be to become a Ukrainian Catholic deacon but to serve also with faculties in the Latin Church. You would need to contact both the Ukrainian bishop of Chicago and also of course the Cardinal or his delegate in that matter to discuss the possibilities. I would not see it as a problem, but as as opportunity to serve both Churches. If God is calling you to this vocation, then finding which Church to serve and perhaps even both, will come in time. I would start the ball rolling by speaking to both bishops to see where each stands on this. That may make your solution quite easy - but know that even if you choose to serve the Latin Church exclusively, you will remain Ukrainian Catholic, but receive the faculty to serve the Latin Church.

I hope this helps a bit.

Peace and best wishes, Bob

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