Obedience to Bishop

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Obedience to Bishop
Question from on 07-16-2007:
Dear Father, I'm not sure who to ask this question. I'll make it short. I'm from Australia and work as a Parish Secretary. The Sacramental Preparation produced by our Bishop is far from being Catholic teaching, in fact the symbols used all over are those of a fork and knife forming an X, a square table, "a book" and footprints. It basically teaches that it is a special meal and also that Jesus did not exclude sinners to his table. I have written to the Bishop a year ago.. still awaiting reply. Now the time has come again for me to print this preparation for the school children, I feel physically sick. I'm scared to approach my parish priest as his views are like our Bishops' and he does not like my orthodoxy (we have argued many times, but I am obedient), however, as it refers to the Eucharist, I strongly feel I have to do something more and perhaps make it public so that parents are aware of this teaching. What is the correct procedure? Do I have to approach my parish priest first? he always says that what the Bishop says it goes not Rome. The children don't attend Mass regularly, only when there is a school liturgy. Please help me. In the hearts of Jesus and Mary A troubled soul
Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 07-20-2007:
You are free to express your concerns about the orthodoxy of the text to the bishop and the priest, but you are not strictly required to go through each level first, especially if you don't think it will be fruitful.

If you would like to submit a copy of the text to the Vatican because of your concerns, it should be sent to the Congregation for the Clergy (attention second office, which deals with matters of catechesis). This congregation has its own web site: www.clerus.org

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