Blessed Oil

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Blessed Oil
Question from on 07-16-2007:
Is there blessed oil, other than Chrism oil, that can be used by lay people for anointing. I asume that since you can bless other things like a Crucifix or a religious medal you could bless oil, but is blessed oil outside the Chrism oil a sacramental; could be used like holy water or blessed salt?
Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 07-20-2007:
The only provision in the Book of Blessings for blessing of oil is in a section on blessing food items. So the oil that is being blessed is meant for cooking, not anointing.

The Instruction On Certain Questions Regarding the Collaboration of the Non-Ordained Faithful in the Sacred Ministry of Priest, issued jointly by several congregations in 1997, article 9 states: "Since they are not priests, in no instance may the non-ordained perform anointings either with the Oil of the Sick or ony other oil."

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