Powerful Prayer For The Dying

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Powerful Prayer For The Dying
Question from on 06-25-2007:
Jesus,Mary,I Love You, Save Souls. These words were spoken by Jesus to Sister M. Consolata relative to the aspiration Jesus,Mary,I Love You,Save Souls. Think one act of love can determine eternal happiness for a soul. Therefore, be careful never to omit one 'Jesus,Mary,I love You, Save Souls. Lose no time - every act of love is a soul. Words of Our Lady "Only in paradise will you realize the value and the fruitfulness of saving souls. The act of love is especially meritorious as one of reparation. One Jesus,Mary,I Love you,Save Souls atones for thousands of blasphemies" Put together all virtuous acts of today that you can perform, and put them beside a day uninterrupted in acts of love and I will take the love-filled day in preference to anything else you have done or offered Me. Jesus,Mary,I love you,Save Souls-herewith you offer Me everything. I prefer one act of love to all other prayers. Jesus,Mary,I Love you,Save Souls includes all - the Souls in Purgatory, as those in the Militant Church, the guilty and the innocent, the dying, the godless. Jesus will save the world, but the world must return to Jesus. there is only one way LOVE. Mother Angelica once said on her television show that she repeats constantly throughout the day "Jesus,Mary,I Love you Save Souls.
Answer by Matthew Bunson on 07-08-2007:
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