Thanking Pope for Latin Mass

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Thanking Pope for Latin Mass
Question from on 07-05-2007:
What address can be used to write the Pope thanking him for removing the restrictions on the Latin Mass?

I have witnessed so many werid and scandalous so-called New Masses that I knew sooner or later the Church would have to see the need for the treasured Tridentine Mass again. I do not reject Vatican II, but, lets face it, the New Mass is not being celebrated in the manner the Church has given it to us.

Maybe many of the clergy will wake up and see why so many Catholics today desire to have the traditional Mass more available. The two orders of Masses can co-exist in the Church, but the widespread abuses that exist in the New Mass need to be weeded out now!
Answer by Catholic Answers on 07-10-2007:

You can write an email to the Holy Father at this address:

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