Message at Fatima

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Message at Fatima
Question from on 06-14-2007:
Dear Gentleman,

If the Most Blessed Virgin stated that sins of immorality are what hurts Our Lord the most and that most souls go to Hell because of these types of sins, why did she not ask for the conversion of Europe and the U.S. rather than Russia? It seems that democracy and capitalism do a better job at enabling immoral practices and atheistic beliefs than any tyranny. Also I understand that though most Russians could not practice their faith publicly, the faith was strong among the people in their hearts.

Answer by David Gregson on 07-17-2007:
The major threat to the Faith at the time Our Lady spoke at Fatima was Communism, of which Russia was the primary proponent. Although the Faith survived in Russia, it was much diminished by Marxist teaching, the closing of churches and monasteries, and State strictures on practice of the Faith. In Europe and the U.S., the Faith is presently disparaged by some politicians and often in the media, and an anti-Christian world view is propagated, but Christians aren't really impeded from practicing their Faith.

Capitalism, while often practiced without moral responsibility, is not inherently opposed to Christianity, the way Communism is. Much less is democracy opposed. I suspect that a large part of the problem in the West is not Capitalism, but the failure of parents to teach their children the Faith, leaving them easy prey to immoral commercial interests.

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