Tom Cruise’s Religion

The Church of Scientology, popularly known as the church to which Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise belongs, is facing increased scrutiny in Australia and elsewhere over allegations that the organization has abused members and even coerced women psychologically into having abortions.

Australia’s Senate plans to vote soon on whether to conduct an inquiry into the allegations of the church’s abuse of Australians, and especially of members of the Sea Organization, Scientology’s elite religious group, whose members sign a billion-year contract to serve Scientology for millions of lifetimes.

Senator Nick Xenophon fired the first salvo in this latest battle with Scientology in November 2009, after receiving a letter from former church members relating their experiences of the church sanctioning forced abortions, assault, imprisonment, concealing sexual abuse, embezzling funds and performing blackmail.
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padre pio

There's no Abortion Funding

In a press conference Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempted to dispel the notion that the Democrats' health care bill contains government abortion funding by appealing to the Hyde amendment – the amendment which has traditionally put up a wall against federal abortion funding.

"I talked to the Catholic bishops about this, and people on all sides of the choice issue," Pelosi told reporters when asked about abortion funding. "Federal law prevents federal funding of abortion, there is no federal funding of abortion in this bill.

"There'll be no expansion or diminution of a woman's right to choose, and that does not happen in this bill. And we're determined that we're going to pass health care reform. This bill that passed the Senate does not have federal funding of abortion."

However, the argument that the Hyde amendment would prevent government funding of abortion in health care, advanced by the White House earlier last year, has been blasted by commentators and fact-checkers, including the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), as patently false.
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For this Lenten Season

Catholics Option of Refusing Donations to D&P

A third Canadian bishop has announced restrictions on funding to the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (D&P).

Peterborough Bishop Nicola De Angelis has announced that in addition to withholding a nominal amount (10%) from the 2009 Lenten collection from D&P, he has instituted an option on the 2010 collection allowing Catholics to decide against funding D&P.

The Bishop has instructed parishes in the diocese to use Lenten collection envelopes which give parishioners the option to select that their funds go to either “Development & Peace” or “Other Charities.”

Previously the collection was taken up specifically for D&P.

Like Toronto’s Archbishop Collins and Pembroke’s Bishop Mulhall, Bishop De Angelis has undertaken the funding restriction in response to LifeSiteNews’ (LSN) investigative reports which found D&P to be funding pro-abortion groups.
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CCHD-Backed Network Not Worthy of Catholic Involvement

Bishop David Ricken of Green Bay has issued a letter to two interfaith groups affiliated with the Gamaliel Foundation, warning them that if they do not sever their relationship with Gamaliel they will lose the diocese's support.

The bishop's letter is particularly significant in light of the continuing controversy over the U.S. Bishops' domestic social justice arm, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), which has a history of funding Gamaliel affiliates.

The bishop emphasized that he values the work of these organizations, called JOSHUA and ESTHER, but made it clear that their affiliation with Gamaliel, a national Chicago-based network of community organizing groups, through the state umbrella group, WISDOM, was problematic because Gamaliel espouses principles contrary to Catholic teaching.
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Philippine Bishops Endorse Pro-Life Presidential Candidate

Two Catholic bishops in the Philippines have broken with standing Church policy and endorsed dark horse candidate Olongapo City Councilor JC de los Reyes in the presidential race.

The normal policy of the Catholic bishops of the Philippines is to hold a non-partisan stand, but Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles and Bacolod Bishop Vicente Navarra have backed the Ang Kapatiran party candidate, calling it a matter of conscience. Navarra said his endorsement did not necessarily mean he would talk about De los Reyes inside a church or during Mass.

Former Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) President Oscar Cruz said, “there is no canonical violation strictly, but it could be pastorally imprudent, as of the moment.” The two bishops have resigned from the poll watchdog Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) because of their support for de los Reyes.
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Wisc. Planned Parenthood's Excuse on Failure to Report Sex Abuse Proven False

After an undercover video released Tuesday showed staff at their Milwaukee abortion clinic agreeing to cover up the sexual abuse of a purportedly 14-year-old girl by her 31-year- old "boyfriend," Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin says they "were unable to make any report" of the suspected abuse because the girl would not give the clinic any identifying information.

Live Action, the group responsible for the video, has released extended footage proving Planned Parenthood's claim false.

In the extended footage, a Planned Parenthood counselor, "Sonia," coaches the 14-year-old to obtain a judicial bypass waiver for her abortion so her parents will not find out about her sexual relationship with the older man.

She then asks the girl, "What is your name? So I can call them and tell them you're coming." Lila Rose, the president of Live Action who is posing as the 14-year-old, says her name is "Janelle Marion", spelling out the last name for her, and tells the counselor she was born on July 27.
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