St, Peter' body

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St, Peter' body
Question from on 07-05-2007:
Dear Mr. Bunson, I have heard and read the history of St. Peter's Basilica - that it was built upon the tomb of St. Peter. I also know that St. Peter's and St. Paul's bodies were once buried next to each other until they got moved to separate, different sites. Somebody told me that only half of St. Peter's body is buried in the tomb inside the Basilica, half is buried somewhere else, and the head of St. Peter is buried somewhere else. Is it true? It sounds incredible that the Church would allow that to happen to the body of the Prince of Apostles. Thank you very much for your kind assistance, and may God bless you and your ministry. Elizabeth
Answer by Matthew Bunson on 07-21-2007:
I would encourage you to visit the excellent site:

You will find a comprehensive discussion of the topic.

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