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Imprimatur - Nihil Obstat
Question from on 07-12-2007:
Does The Bishops' endorsement on the Biblical Text (Translation) applies both to (a) The Translation and (b) The Footnotes & Commentaries.etc.

The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible (RSV-ce) as well ast the New Catholic Answer Bible (NAB) carries SEPARATE approval endorsement for (a) And (b)
Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 07-12-2007:
Canon 825 envisions all Bibles published with ecclesiastical approbation to have appropriate explanatory annotations. There is no need to have a separate approval for the Scriptural text and the commentaries/footnotes. However, I would imagine that they have separate approvals because they were published first at different times.

In the copy of the New American Bible (St. Joseph Edition) that I have on my desk, there are three ecclesiastical approbations -- one from 1970 for the Old Testament, one from 1986 for the New Testament, and one from 1991 for the revised Psalms.

I imagine that is the case with the Bibles that you cite -- that they have different approbations because parts of the texts were originally published at different times.

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