Receiving the Sacred Host

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Receiving the Sacred Host
Question from on 06-30-2007:
I am not sure the Church under stands about Celiac Desease. It was noted that we could now have low Gluten Host.That is the same as having low poison in our food each time we eat. That builds up in our bodies and shuts down our system. I get sick and come down with a severe head ach I need to go to the acute care if I don.t have some other pill to take to kill the pain. Wheat builds up in our bodies and does great harm to it. People who have not had it long might think they can cheat and eat low Gluten food, But they will find out years later how there body suffers and become a sickly person. Gluten (Wheat) is like a posion to all of us. Doctors that say differant does not know the truth or won't say the truth. I suffer alot because my Doctor 20 years ago said ( it won.t hurt to eat a little.) Now I can't even drink water from the tap. Or even eat alot of other Gluten Free Foods because of it.My body is damaged from it. Tell me if there is just a little cancer? Same thing. When Will the Church or Pastors listen to us?
Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 07-02-2007:
It is not within the power of the Church to change the matter of the Most Holy Eucharist. So it is not a matter of Church authorities listening or not.

If you can drink wine, then you are free to receive the Precious Blood. By receiving the Precious Blood, you are receiving the complete Christ.

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