Holy Water/Genuflection

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Holy Water/Genuflection
Question from on 07-04-2007:
While I was going through RCIA a few years back I was told by my priest that you only need to bless yourself with Holy Water when you enter the church and not when you exit, is this true? Also, I normally attend Mass in a military chapel that is shared by Protestants for their services as well so the Tabernacle is not located at the alter but in another room and the Eucharist is brought up to the alter each time. Because the Tabernacle is not present at the alter this same priest said there is also no reason to genuflect before taking seat or when leaving. He said a bow was enough to show reverence. Is this information correct as well? Just curious to know, I have been following what he said but, I just want to make sure I am doing the right thing or if I was misinformed because no one else seems to follows these rules and I don't know if I should say anything to my current priest or not. Thank you for your help and God Bless.


Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 07-04-2007:
Terry, YOu may take and use holy water at any time. Some take the water only before entering the church as a reminder of their Baptism, a good practice, but not compulsory. Don't genuflect where the Eucharist is not yet present. Bow to the altar but genuflect only to theEucharist, the true presence of God. God blessl you. Fr. Bob Levis

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