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Question from laura on 2/25/2008:  
Thank you, Father for letting us know about sins/smoking cigarettes. I, too smoke lightly due to stress and nervousness-I can be quite a timid soul. I knew a priest who smoked, and with whom I once bummed a cigarette off of. I was hoping that it wasn't a mortal sin-the smoking cigarettes part. I am planning on making an appointment soon to see about going on Wellbutrin or something to help me quit altogether. My oldest daughter has been pestering me about my smoking (I don't smoke in my vehicle or my house outside of the utility room on nasty days). I really want to live a good christian life and want to do the right thing for me and my rugrats. Thanks, again for your input. Oh, one question-is light profanity a bad sin-you know-using the sh-- word or other light cursing (not using God's name in vain)? I try not to curse-I even lately have been saying "ships high in transit" to substitute for it, mainly because of the lent season. Thanks, Father for any input. I don't know what I would do without your wise advice, with sincere appreciation, laura
Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 2/25/2008: 
Laura, I know the language of many if not most Service Personnel would make a sailor blush. So, Laura, don't try to keep up with this just to be Air Force. The others admire you 1000% for your clean language. "Ships high in transit" brings a big smile to my cracked lips! Laura continue to be a good Christian in an otherwise secular world. Don't let the cigs get hold of you. Cancer, you know.Fr. Bob Levis

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