Keeping Holy the Lord's Day

Question from Mother on 2/16/2008:  
Dear Father Levis,

I know you can advise me with my situation, and I will accept what you say as coming from God.

We manage our small farm here at home with our three young teenage children, whom we homeschool using the best-Seton. My husband goes out to sea for more than half of the year, usually for one month at a time, and then he is home for 2 weeks-then back out again.

In the last few years, the children have become involved with 4-H and have fun with the club and all the fairs showing their animals during the summer months. We believe this farming atmosphere instills a great work ethic, and God is our center--His creation and Providence in all things.

My concern is that all these meetings take place on Sundays. We reserve one Sunday per month so that our son may serve the Traditional Latin Mass, an hour and a half away, and we devote the entire day to this pilgrimage. He has a calling to the priesthood, but is only 13! (pray for him!) I have a dilemna about the other Sundays being consummed by these meetings. I have viewed them as a source of socialization for them, since we are rather isolated regarding our Faith. We have a very liberal Pastor here and the entire town is also the same way (a University town) This lovely town is full of wonderful Protestant and Mormons and wonder why the Lord would lead us here!!!

Anyway, we bless the Lord in His Kindness and Mercy for all He provides for us--we are truly blessed, but I still have a nagging thought about these 2-4 hour meetings on Sunday afternoons.

God bless You Fr. Levis!


Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 2/17/2008: 
Mother, You are doing a magnificent job with your beautiful family. Have no scruple about your Sunday meetings of the 4-H kind. This consider as a recreation, a hobby, not servile work (altho handling the animals is heavy work at times). Have no second thoughts at all. God bless you and the family, and your sailing husband always. Fr. Bob Levis

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