5th commandments

Question from S Ruth on 2/25/2008:  
Recently I watched a program of Father Corapi's on the 10 Commandments and the 5th commandment hit me like a rock, for years I have smoked cigarettes and usually less then a pack a day,and when I startd the cigarettes were tobacco,not all of the chemicals that are in them today, and yes,I knew deep in my heart that I should quit but I have tried many times to quit, and did for awhile and each time the "will" would give in and I would start back at the habit. This year for my Lenten giving up,I am trying another approach. So, according to Fr. Corapi, I am committing a Mortal Sin, by still smoking, because,we now have knowledge the cigarettes cause cancer. Am I and others going against the the 5th commandment ? Are we all going to hell?
Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 2/25/2008: 
Ruth, No, not to my mind. Please read my response to this smoking "sin" in my post of yesterday. Quit smoking if you want to grow (and not to die early. I buried my brother at 52 and my sister at 60. Both heavy smokers.) Fr Bob Levis

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