Blessed salt and water

Question from JB on 1/23/2008:  
Is it right to sprinkle blessed salt around a room before a retreat starts? Can you put blessed salt in your food? Is it right to bless water that will be consumed to make juice or coffee at this retreat? What do we do with the extra juice and coffee? Could you please advise me on the teaching of the Catholic Church on this matter. Where do we find it. If it is appropriate, what are the prayers that the priest should use in Blessing the salt and water. Thank-you. JB
Answer by David Gregson on 2/19/2008: 
Sprinkling blessed salt around a room would be like sprinkling holy water. It is permitted.

Yes, you can sprinkle blessed salt on food. Likewise, holy water. However, it would be out of place to mix holy water with juice or coffee. For one thing, if it becomes less than 50% of the liquid it is mixed with, there is room for doubt whether it would retain its character as holy water. For another, it is incorrect to suppose that the more holy water you use, the more beneficial it is. Otherwise, a house would be more fully blessed if it were hosed down with holy water, rather than just sprinkled in significant places.

The Book of Blessings has the prayers for blessing water and salt.

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