Satan's curse on one's family?

Question from laura on 2/22/2008:  
Hi, Fr Levis-hope all is well with you. Is it possible for the devil to attack you spiritually? The reason I am asking is a lot of bad things has happened to me and my family-to top it off-my house I brought 4 yrs ago-it passed the inspection-now has 3 roof leaks and the folks who came to clean out my vents said that it shouldn't have passed inspection. My son's ceiling has mold in the ceiling and it needs to be replaced. My oldest daughter, who never gotten sick has missed 32 days of school last year-all medically related, 23 this year and was diagnosed with asthma last year. She never had these problems before I moved here. I am looking for the paperwork from the inspection so that I can talk to base legal and hopefully find a lawyer who will take my case on a contingency basis. I really can't afford to go in debt anymore-trying to get out of the hole. Today, my son got suspended from school for a day for his bad behavior-hopefully maybe the chaplain can have a word with him and get him turned around. It's like my whole life has been cursed and I still have faith that things may still turn around for me and my family. I really deserve a break. I was just wondering if Satan can attack in this manner. If he does, what can I do to hopefully have blessings once again flowing in my home for me and my family. Don't get me wrong-there are a few brights spots in my life-just started my home business and I have a wonderful job coach (it's registered with the better business bureau and is very reputable) and my oldest despite her health issues made the junior scholar program (will take college classes this summer) and is doing well in honors courses. She's in 8th grade yet her national scores put her up with the college students. Thanks, Father for any insight-oh the roof and structure damage-my former father-in-law hopefully can help me out with that-I am broke! Please keep me and my family in your prayers and I'll remember you in mine-thanks for everything, laura
Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 2/24/2008: 
Laura, I am sure the devil can't come within a country acre of you, your children, even the house. God is too good to permit satanic harm befalling you or your family. All these nasty things come with winter, so not to worry. God bless you. Fr.Bob Levis

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