Eucharistic ministers

Question from Richard D'Orlando on 2/21/2008:  
Any catholic can become a Eucharistic minister just by saying yes when asked by any pastor. Eucharistic ministers were introduced for the sole purpose of distributing Holy Commuion , when no priest was available. We now see many of these "ministers" giving out Holy Commuion, as well,as opening the tabernacle door at any time the priest is present or not, to give out the Eucharist. My question is this: Do you think that all these Eucharistic ministers have helped in watering down the truth that the Eucharist is the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity Of Jesus Christ, by being handled by those whose hands are not consecrated? If Saint Thomas Aquinas, a Dr. and Saint in heaven, said in his Smuma Theologica, " Out of respect for this sacrament, only that which is consecrated, is to touch the sacred Host", meaning, only the hands of the consecrated priest, how can we disregard this saint's teaching today, if he is a Dr. and saint of the Catholic church? Can we merely explain it away with wishful thinking that it was just this saints opionion? Connected to this question is all of the changes that have helped ruin our Mass. Richard D'Orlando, Nahant, Massachusetts. email:
Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 2/22/2008: 
Dear Richard, Without doubt, you express truth here. Some of these people have scandalized many others. Even we priests are reminded of this dignity we enjoy and are corrected by Scripture: "Imitamini quod tractatus." Imitate what you are doing. If and when the EEM is well prepared this scandal should not occur. We priests need help, we are fewer in number and older now. But there is no excuse for the nonchalant EEM whose attitude is sinful. Fr. Bob Levis

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