Fatima Question

Question from Eric on 2/15/2008:  
Father Levis, As we all know, Mary asked that the 3rd secret be revealed by 1960.

Question 1: I have heard that John XXIII opened the secret and stated that he would not release it because it did not involve his pontificate. As you know John Paul II revealed the secret at the turn of this past century. The secret that he revealed was that of the pope and other clergy being murdered.

If this was indeed the secret, how would John XXIII have known that this did not apply to his pontificate?

Question 2: Why would Mary ask for the secret to be revealed by 1960 knowing that it would not be?

Question 3: Sister Lucia was asked why 1960. She said that the meaning of the secret would be clearer then. What happened in the Church in the 60's that she may have been informing us about?

Question 4: Why hasn't a pope obeyed Our Lady and consencrated Russia? I know that most would say that his consencration of the world sufficed. However, I would ask them why hasn't Russia been converted. This is assuming that we all understand that the conversion will be to Catholicism and not to some kind of capitalism/democracy.

Background: I have reconverted back to the Church and have been studying it in quite a bit of detail. Along the way I have come across the SSPX and the sedevacantists. They make many seemingly valid points. At first, I was swayed by them quite a bit although never in danger of not being loyal to Rome. I have been able to resolve for myself all their gripes save for these questions about Fatima. Please help if you can. Thanks!
Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 2/16/2008: 
Eric, Perhaps God revealed to Pope John something about the time of his death. 2. Perhaps God did not reveal this future event to Mary. 3. The 60's represented much loss of Faith thruout the whole world, the radical collapse of things religious, 4. Pope John Paul 2 consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as Mary wished andwith as ,many Bishops who went along with John Paul. Eric, it is much easier to criticize the Pope as the Sedevacantists do than it is to fight for orthodoxy in a very secular age. God bless you. Fr. Bob Levis

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