Eastern Catholic Bible?

Question from jim on 2/26/2008:  
Because of the soon to be released complete Orthodox Study Bible, I have ordered a copy so that I can have a Bible that includes all the books used by Eastern Catholics (our Old Testament canon is the same as the Orthodox). However, I'm somewhat weary of the anti-Catholic bias that is sure to be included. Is there any chance of a Catholic Bible being published which includes our books not included in the Latin canon? Are there any plans for such a project, and if not, what would it take to get one started?
Answer by Fr. John Echert on 2/27/2008: 
I am not aware of such a project and can only imagine it would be done for one of two reasons: as an "ecumenical project" or as an edition for scholars and a few others with your interest. Problem is that with an "ecumenical" edition you will find bias as well and who knows if there is enough market for a scholarly edition. On the whole, however, I would not expect a Catholic publisher to pursue this because it would lend confusion to your typical Catholic who would not distinguish between canonical works and the others.

Thanks, Jim

Father Echert

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  1. Actually, it sadly has a Protestant slant, not an Orthodox one. For more on that and what Septuagints are available for those who want the complete accurant canon of the Bible see this in depth review: http://nblo.gs/b068r