Response to Cloning question of having a soul

Question from Rocco Colantuono Jr on 2/14/2008:  
In response to that question, if scientist are successful in cloning and can figure out a way to create another being, I believe it will not have a soul and here is why.

A soul can only be created by God. PERIOD! All human beings have their own unique soul. This cloning bull is like a horror movie; the story of Frankenstein.

I hope and pray this down not happen. The reason is that the majority of people in the world will look at what a success this will be to see other human beings walk around.

Sure the clones will walk around, think, run and do everything human beings will do. They will be able to do this because its the Devil that is inside of them, not because it has a soul created by God.

Therefore, anyone and everyone who is cloned will be evil. If they are not evil, then neither was Frankenstein evil. But Frankenstein is just a book and a movie. Who would have ever imagined when this story was written that it could really happen.

That is my opinion

Answer by Judie Brown on 2/18/2008: 

Thanks for the comments, but I rely on moral theologians for the answers to questions like the matter of human clones and their soul. I have used the following references and see no reason to change them:

CLONE: does a clone have a soul?

Father Anthony Zimmerman:

Judie Brown


  1. I appreciate your condemnation of human cloning, but you are mistaken in thinking that a human being can exist without a soul. Humans are made as spiritual and physical beings, and the body cannot function in the absence of a soul. This is also known as death. The notion that cloned peoples would be demonic puppets is also wrong, for even the possesed retain the free will and dignity of their soul. Human cloning is wrong because it separates the bodily union of a husband and wife in the creation of a child which is gravely contrary to the law of GOD. GOD Bless you.

  2. hayden quintalSeptember 03, 2008

    GOOOOOOOOOOOO CLONING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Although human cloning should never be permitted it would be erroneous to believe that a human clone would not have a soul. God, respecting the free will of man allows certain evil acts on the part of man to be performed. Not that He directly wills these evils but permits them in order to respect free will in man. Human cloning being morally impermissible, is unpleasantly "allowed" by God but in no way affects the person's "Anima" or soul when conceived. It would still have human life and therefore a human rational soul.

    Seminarian Cory S.T.L, PhB, M.El