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Question from Michael on 2/19/2008:  
Dear Fr Echert:

In my study of Sacred Scripture I use a few translations to compare certain passages of the Bible. The Ignatius Bible. thus far is my favorite translation and the primary translation I use in my reading & study.

I was wondering though what your thoughts would be on the Jerusalem Bible and the New Jerusalem Bible. I noticed that the JB lacks inclusive language, a rarity in most translations, though it leans towards being a dynamic equivalent translation. The NJB is said to be more literal but it incorporates inclusive language.

Also, have you heard of a translation called the Christian Community Bible?

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 2/19/2008: 
The Ignatius Bible (which is the Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition) is the best choice among modern versions. Many years ago someone nearly convinced me that the original Jerusalem Bible was a good choice, but I have long since abandoned that view, given too many translation issues I have encountered over the years. I would have nothing to do with the New Jerusalem Bible or the New American Bible, both of which seek to be "gender inclusive."

I have not heard of the Christian Community Bible.

Thanks, Michael

Father Echert

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