Annointing of the Sick

Question from Dorothy on 2/16/2008:  
My daughter was not married in the church but raised her family Catholic and attended Mass until Parkinson set in and had to be given CPR to bring her back to life recently. Since then been in hospital and now in nursing home. Have asked our priests 2 times to visit and give her the Annointing of the Sick but had has never done this. Can she receive this sacrament when not in the State of Grace?
Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 2/16/2008: 
Dorothy, Call another priest, any Catholic priest, maybe from the next town. She NEEDS A PRIEST, ANY PRIEST. She has proved by her life style that she is a believer. Now she needs grace to enter eternity. She needs the Last Anointing. Get a priest, don't fail. Fr. Bob Levis

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