Genesis 1:26 Trinity?

Question from Frank on 1/28/2008:  

According to the Torah (first five books of the bible)i cannot seem to grasp Genesis 1:26

The latter chapter/verse:

Then God said: "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness."

I always believed that the word "us" meant the Trinity ~ meaning God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit.

However, if the above is correct why do the Hebrew/Jewish people not accept Jesus as the son of God?

Furthermore, is the english translation of the Hebrew Torah concerning Genesis 1:26 worded differently than what i have read in the NAB (Catholic bible).

Finally, in the event the wording is exact what do the hebrew/jewish define when confronted with the word "us"?

God bless EWTN
Answer by David Gregson on 2/21/2008: 
I'm not sure, but Jewish exegetes may take the same line as some liberal Christians, interpreting the "us," in "Let us make man in our image," as God conferring with the angelic hosts. It's not a very convincing interpretation, since it's only God who does the creating.

As to why the Jews didn't anticipate the Trinity, the primary thrust of the Old Testament was that there is only one God, not many, as the pagans believed. With this emphasis on God's singularity, the concept of a plurality of Persons in the one God (even though hinted at in some texts) was the last thing that would have occurred to them. It took an event as radical as the Incarnation to reveal the fullness of the truth about God, and then only to those who had the eyes to see.

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