Purgatory at the end of the world..

Question from mandy on 2/17/2008:  
This is a question I've been asked and can't answer.. We are taught that God is just and fair to everyone(no respector of person) And I've read that at Christ's return there will be no Purgatory.. How is this in the same spirt as God? Is it fair to make 2000 plus years of people to go to Purgatory, then not make those who are here at the very end and in need of this purging not go also? So what will happen to those people, as they are not purified so they can't go into the presents of God, yet they are not not Hell bound...Your thoughts please
Answer by Richard Geraghty on 2/18/2008: 
Dear Mandy,

There are many ways that God has of purifying sinners before they enter heaven. Perhaps the experience of being at the end of the world will be sufficient purification for those who get to heaven.

Dr. Geraghty

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