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Question from ANONYMOUS on 2/16/2008:  
I am a Sacristan at our Church, which I consider to be a real privilege. Recently, as I was in our chapel to clean out the holy water fonts, a man who teaches some of the RCIC children (6th grade+) said to me, "Why don't you make your own holy water? You bless your kids, don't you? What makes you think a priest has any more ability than you to change that water into holy water? All these people believing that priests' hands are any more holy than their own! It's like they believe in magic...a lot of hocus-pocus! I could tell you stories about priests that would curl your hair! And you think they're holier than you!!" He said the words "hocus-pocus" about 4 times in his whole rant, which really upset me, so I told him to please stop saying that, as that is NOT how I think of our priests! I told our priest about this, but he really thinks well of this man, and he just said, "Hmmm, well that doesn't sound like something --- would say." I told him he did say it, and that I was concerned with what he might be teaching the kids in religion classes. To my knowledge, he has said nothing to this man. So I ask you, IS IT POSSIBLE FOR US TO MAKE OUR OWN HOLY WATER? If not, how would you suggest I handle any future conversations with this man? Is there somewhere, in black-and-white, that states catagorically what the Church says on things like this? Sorry for the length of this email..Thank You, and God Bless.
Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 2/16/2008: 
Anon, Sorry to say but your friend has lost the Catholic Faith. You will find the right to bless things given to the priest by the bishop when the bishop ordains him a priest forever according to the Order of Melchisedech. The hands of the priest are anointed with holy oil for the purpose of conferring the blessing on people and things, like holy water. Your friend should not be teaching Catholic children anything since he has not the Faith any longer. This is a great example of the cancer eating away the life of the Church in America.Fr. Bob levis

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