Relics of St. Thérèse to Visit England and Wales


Catechesis Program to Precede '09 Tour

LONDON, FEB. 20, 2008 ( Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor requested that the relics of St. Thérèse be brought to his country, and says he is delighted that the visit will become a reality in 2009.

The relics of the French Carmelite and doctor of the Church are to visit England and Wales from Sept. 16 to Oct. 7, 2009.

"I am delighted that the relics of St. Thérèse are to visit England and Wales next year," Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor said. "I have always been deeply moved by St. Thérèse' 'little way.' It is in fidelity to the small things of everyday life, animated by the love of Christ, that we achieve true holiness.

"I am sure that the intercession of St. Thérèse will be of great spiritual benefit to the people of our country."

The cardinal, who is archbishop of Westminster, requested the visit on behalf of the bishops of England and Wales.

A nationwide program of catechesis on the life and spirituality of the saint will precede the autumn visit. The program will focus on prayer, the call to holiness, family life, vocation and evangelization.

The initiative is under the direction of Bishop Arthur Roche of Leeds and Bishop Malcolm MacMahon of Nottingham.

Bishop Roche said: "St. Thérèse is a much-loved saint all over the world, but nowhere more than in Britain. There will be widespread joy among Catholics that her relics are to visit our country, along with an expectation of many graces to be received.

"But this visit is for all Christians; and indeed people of any faith or none will be most welcome to come in pilgrimage to pray at Thérèse's side. I pray that this visit will help many people to find their way to God, and help our society to find the way to true peace through justice and compassion for all."

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