Defeating Abortion through Prayer

Question from Kevin on 2/19/2008:  
Hi Judie.

I attended the Pro-life rally in Washington with my child in January and was amazed at the size of the crowds. I believe the numbers reported in the mainstream media were grossly understated. In other words, I got to experience first hand what you and many others have been saying for years.

I was amazed at the turnout, and when I had a free moment away from keeping track of the kids in our group, I could help but not wonder if our kids would not be the ones who would help in overturning abortion. I also could not help but feel that my vote for Pro-Life candidates really does matter. And,that the future may be in better hands when our kids take over steering the ship.

I firmly believe that the Blessed Virgin Mary will stop this evil in God's time. Perhaps, God is wanting us to prepare the way for the next generations to make things right. Perhaps, the good that comes out of this evil is that people turn toward God. Perhaps it forces us to take a close look at ourselves and be honest about what we see. Or, that we pray more in hopes that people will choose life and will not be taken in by thinking they are not ending a life. Or, preventing one from ever happening.

My dear Father was a working man, blue collar thru and thru. Until 1973 after abortion became legal. From that point on, he saw a different Democratic party. He was not exactly overjoyed with the Republican party but always encouraged us to vote for Pro Life candidates, Democrat or Republican.

When faced with criticism about being a one issue voter, he would simply say that any country or individual allowing someone to legally kill an unborn child had no integrity, period. This is where it started and ended with him. And that wars or other terrible disasters or tribulations would eventually come out the other end as we continuously attempt to derail God's plan for Goodness and Life.

My point: Setting a constant good example in defending life and praying do work. Perhaps we are not praying enough as a country. God heard the pain of many in the Old Testament and acted. He heard the prayers after years of terrorism in Ireland, and the threat of the Soviet Union for 40 plus years, and suddenly it all just stopped. God wills that it is time for injustices to stop, once we start paying enough attention and ask for His help. What appears at times to be the smallest and most useless of alternatives to us (prayer) may be the most powerful of all.

Thank You.
Answer by Judie Brown on 2/20/2008: 
Dear Kevin

Your father sounds like a most amazing man and I am sure you are extremely proud of him. I also think you are absolutely correct about the power of prayer. We do not pray enough, we do not trust the Lord enough and when we do, we will be awestruck by the changes that will occur in our nation.

God be with you, Kevin!

Judie Brown

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