Reparation for Sins

Question from Sarah on 2/24/2008:  
Father Bob As parents, our lives have been devoted to living and teaching our children the Catholic faith. Almost overnight, our 21 year old daughter has told us that she no longer believes anything we have taught her. She has told us we are terrible parents and that she hates us. She is quickly sliding into a life of sin and refuses any offers of help. We have been enduring such deep pain and suffering from her venemous words and actions. We still love her deeply. Can our suffering be united with Christ and offered in reparation for her sins? Can this be applied to the living and must the recipient be in a state of grace to benefit? Please pray for her.
Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 2/25/2008: 
Dear Sarah, Try to realize America is suffering from a cultural revolution, especially among the young, from high school on. Try to be patient. Restrain your criticism of your daughter at this time, and until she seeks help. Be sure to be patient with her in spite of the anger, disappointment, fear reigning in your heart for her. Pray, pray more; in time she will return. The 21 years of your training are only temporally eclipsed. Surrender her to Mary, and relax. This is only a phase, try not to lengthen it. Fr. Bob Levis

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