carrying your cross

Question from Debra on 2/17/2008:  
Dr. Geraghty, Did Christ mean by "carrying your cross" that living his will would be hard or that we should have cross's? Some people have heavy cross's but many do seem to go through life with a good, solid family, good kids that don't get into trouble, good jobs they don't lose, good health, at least until old age, etc. Are they not "carrying a cross" or is it just living a life that is counter to our culture that is hard, a cross?I would hate to think that needing a crisis is necessary after Christ died such a horrible death for us,to have salvation. Can you help me understand this more?
Answer by Richard Geraghty on 2/23/2008: 
Dear Debra,

You can be sure that everyone has a cross to bear in life even though it does not seem that way to us. We have only a limited viewpoint. The fact that Christ suffered so much on the cross was not to make life easier for us. It was to follow his example and not be crushed by the trials which will come to everyone one way or the other. The easy life will be in heaven, not on earth.

Dear Debra,

You can be sure that everyone has their cross to bear while they are on this earth. It may not seem that way to us because we have a limited view of life. Christ died such a horrible death on the cross, not to give us a easy life on earth, but to endure the pain that the devil and others will inflict on those trying to be faithful to Christ. The completely easy and absolutely happy life will be in heaven.

Dr. Geraghty

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