St. Loius Basketball coach endorses Hilary.

Question from Nick on 1/23/2008:

Now St. Louis University is a Jesuit school in St. Louis, Missouri. Burke has had more than his fair share of problems as being archbishop. Archbishop BUrke is a canon lawyer, so he will be able to figure out what has to be done. Coach Majerus shamefully endorsed Hillary Clinton.You cannot be pro-choice and Catholic, it is totally uncompatible. The Archbishop does not compromise this at all. Basically Majerus is a CINO (Catholic in name only). As a Catholic you are supposed to defend the most vulnerable which is the elderly and the unborn. My favorite quote from Mother Teresa on this is, "It is a poverty that a child has to die in the name of choice." We are more wealthy than anyone in the world, we have freedom unbridaled and yet we choose to be the most spiritually poor there are. This levels the playing field considerably. The poor are more wealthy in faith and the rich are more wealthy in material items, but as the gospels says, "the last shall be first and the first shall be last." A person can apply this to all aspects of society.

The STL Press is using this as more ammo against Arch Burke, whom they hate with a unbridled passion.Again, they bring up the old free speech connundrum (usually meaning freedom from the consequences of speech). isn't it strange that they same people who protect this as free speech demand consequences when a Don Imus exercises his free speech rights...but I guess anti-catholic & anti-unborn is still OK... Again a pass is wanted becuase he's sports guy. I think our American culture is saturated by celebrity worship. But, he went of his free will and spoke in favor of things as a Catholic he should be against and did it to supprt a militantly pro-choice presidential candidate. Majerus' thrusted himself itnto the public spotlight...he left Arch Burke no option.

I am always astonished how people (especially Catholics) just don't understand that a Bishop's job is to teach and defend the faith. Bless Archbishop Burke! He says what needs to be said & sticks to his guns. A man of tremendous courage! We need to pray that God's will be done and not man's.

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