Hillary Clinton

Question from Daniel Koutroulakis on 1/25/2008:

Hi Judy, I would just like to express my opinion on Senator Clinton to the person who criticized the basketball coach for endorsing her. First off, other than her pro-choice belief, I really like Hillary. She has had 35 years of experience and would make a great president. I still don't understand why so many are making carping remarks at her. Although abortion should remain a major issue for Catholics voting, many other things have to be kept in mind such as the candidate's ability for foreign policy (a + for Hillary), Healthcare (+ again) Fiscal policies and the Economy, Energy policy/Global Warming, and Education also. (Hillary Clinton has greatly contributed to the advancement and reform of education) All in all, it would be safe to say that she is relatively "neutral" on the abortion stand, and I think the reason she would be pro-choice is because she was a woman of her time period when they had back-alley abortions. I would hope that there would be more Pro-Life politicians of course, but, it seems that the politicians that are Pro-life (such as Huckabee and Paul) are also, weak in a lot of other major fields such as fiscal and economic measures. This, in my opinion, is what makes choosing candidates so difficult, since some are strong on some issues, but, weak in others.

Answer by Judie Brown on 1/26/2008:

Dear Daniel

First of all, there is no such thing as "pro-choice," but rather there is pro-choice-for-a-mother-to-kill-her-preborn-child. Hillary Clinton is pro-abortion. That is a fact.

Back-alley abortion is never a reason to favor killing children, to advocate it or to support it in any way.

The fundamental right to life is far more important than any other question facing the electorate. Abortion is an act of murder, Daniel, and there is nothing political about that. It is a real tragedy that so many in our culture have simply relegated abortion to nothing but a political subject.

Abortion is a heinous crime, and any politician who favors direct killing cannot be trusted in any area.

Judie Brown


  1. So, what about in the case of rape? Do you still argue against termination of pregnancy in that case?

    And if so, doesn't that make you Pro-Rapist?

    Doesn't your view then give the Rapist more rights, more understanding, more sympathy than his victim?

  2. Teen ProliferFebruary 05, 2008

    Dear Julie,
    Though I'm neither Daniel nor Judy, I would argue against the termination of a pregnany in the case of rape or incest. That does not make me 'pro-rapist'. I totally agree that rape is a mean, cruel act that hurts the woman. I in no way support it. A friend of mine, former abortionist, Dr. Anthony Levatino, said that in the 1,200 + abortions he performed, zero were cases of rape or incest. Yes it happens. My mother was raped and became pregnant because of it. She decided to keep my two twin older sisters because it was not their fault what happened. She though very poor was able to finish college, meet and marry my father. I love my older sisters with all my heart. Are you telling me they had no right to live? May I mention here that under the law a minor can be violated and be taken to planned parenthood for an abortion no questions asked. That doesn't solve the problem though. The violator will still be out there to harm others. That girl will be left hurt in untold ways, mentally and physically. A life that was innocent will have been lost. End result: the situation is worse than it was before. If a woman has a two year old child and comes up to you telling you that it was born because she was raped, and then tells you that she doesn't want the child anymore because she's reminded of that incident and its too painful for her, would it be alright for her to kill the toddler? Homicide doesn't justify what happened. That's no different than having an abortion. I would like to know what your belief is about the unborn? What evidence has led you to your conclusions?