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Question from concerned on 1/14/2008:

Dear Father, I have always taken comfort in that my Catholic father received last rites before passing. But now after learning more about my Catholic faith I am concerned. My Catholic father was in the hospital and just days before he died he gave confession and was given last rites. He and my mother were still together in a civil marriage and were not married in the Church. Was he entitled to receive this final sacrament since they were in an invalid marriage? Was his confession valid? Thank you.

Answer by Fr. Jay Toborowsky on 1/22/2008:

Though no one knows (except the priest who attended to your father), I'll presume that your father confessed this sin of being in an invalid marriage in his confession. Then the absolution would have forgiven the sin. Also, his being anointed would not have depended on his sin(s).

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