conversion from Evangelical Protestantism?

Question from Elizabeth on 1/22/2008:

I have of late been interested in the possiblity that perhaps the Protestant Reformation was a judgment on the Catholic Church and - regardless of the reasons - maybe the Reformation was NOT God's "Plan A" for his Body. Consequently I have been quite drawn to the temptation to convert to Catholicism, away from my Protestant roots. However, in spite of the appeal of the Catholic Church's stand on major issues, I am completely repulsed by the intricacies of the rules of indulgences, levels of pergatory, or any of the intricately convoluted points of theology that have obviously taken 2000 years to develop. Any encouragement?

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 1/23/2008:

Elizabeth, I surely agree that the Great Reformation was responsible for a massive division of Christians. I read of the various 30,000 different groups of our Separated Brothers. If Catholicism were not guided by its Magisterium or Teaching Authority for 2000 years, it too would be so divided as to be a scandal for all. Indulgences and Purgatory I grant, are subjects of great interest to Theologians and Catholic laity, topics freely discussed by any who hold an interest around the whole world. But the Faith is much more simple and consoling to the average believer. God bless you. Fr.Bob Levis

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