the difference between bibles?

Question from tina Hokaj on 12/13/2007:

I wanted to distribute Bibles to the kids for Christmas. IT is a Catholic school. Our priest stated that these are KING JAMES BIBLES but they are from GIDEON/New Testament proverbs and psalms. What is the differene between these Bibles? I just want to give the WORD to the kids for Christmas and I didn't think it would be such a problem. Thanks Tina

Answer by David Gregson on 1/17/2008:

The Gideons are an international Evangelical Protestant organization dedicated to the distribution of Bibles. For most of their history (from the beginning of the 20th century), they have favored the King James Version (translated in the 17th century, under James I of England), though of late the preference has been the New King James Version (an update in language and scholarship). So the Gideons are a society which distributes Bibles, and the King James (or New King James) is the version of the Bible they distribute.

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