Attending other Catholic churches

Question from Anon on 1/17/2008:

Fr. Levis: I attend other churches at times, for not only a change but mostly because one of them is a very holy and reverent church, which I love. So there are times it can be weeks before I go back to the church I am a member of. The church I'm a member of has no kneelers and only has confessions by appointment only. I do travel a distance, a neighboring city even, but my heart desires this type of church. Can a person become a member of a church in a different city than where you live, if I choose to do so? Yes, I hear comments like "nice to have you here" and "we haven't seen you for awhile", but the Lord leads me elsewhere. But at the same time it's nice to be back. Is it a good idea to mention the name of the other church to the pastor? He does know that I'm attending elsewhere at times and not simply that I'm not attending Mass at all. What are your suggestions on this matter and what to do or say??

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 1/17/2008:

Anon, Nothing wrong with variety in your piety. Attend Mass where you like, where you think it is more rewarding. Out of justice, inform your pastor lest he think you ill. Eventually you most likely will return. Fr. Bob Levis

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