Format of Confession

Question from Tucker on 1/28/2008:

Father Levis, I was wondering when and how the church decided on how to format or "put together" the sacrament of confession the way we do it now. By this I mean how they do the prayers, the order, the absolution, etc. I already know how it came into existence but wanted to know how it became what it is now. I love going to confession each week and would like to know this.

I would like you to pray for me because I am discerning a vocation to the priesthood.

God Bless,

Tucker, age 14

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 1/28/2008:

Tucker, Like all the other acts of the Liturgy, Confession and how we do it is the result of concern, natural organic development out of the Bible. One sins, tells a priest, who absolves and forgives his sins, and next imposes some penance to make-up for the sins confessed. It is the most natural thing in itself. Fr. Bob Levis

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