I want to have my name removed from the baptism and first communion lists.

Question from Robert B. on 1/14/2008:

Hi. My name is Robert. I already had my name deleted from the Roman Catholic Church membership lists. Or I just got a mark next to my name. If I just got some kind of mark next to my name I want my name removed from that list. Also, I want my name removed from any kind of list that the RCC might have on me concerning baptism and first communion. I want my name totally removed from from all RCC documents. I want my name erased! I no longer am a Christian. Neither am I in a cult or a Satanist. I am just a person, nothing more. Thanks in advance for doing this. Regards, Rob.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 1/14/2008:


I'm sorry to hear that you have left the Church and Christianity. I personally am in no position to fulfill your request, but please see the article linked below for information on formal defection. You will be in my prayers and I hope readers will pray for you as well. God bless.

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