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By Rusty Montgomery *

Once again, our country had the chance to face the reality that we have killed and continue to kill millions of unborn babies. This week provided a great opportunity for thousands of pro-lifers all over the nation to stand together for the cause of protecting human life. In my experiences of pro-life walks and conventions on a both national and state levels, these experiences build great confidence and hope for the future. However, at the same time, people returning to their homes lose the contagious enthusiasm after everyday life seems to creep back in. So we wonder: How we can continue to battle the culture of death and continue to be a disciple of life? There are many ways, but for time and attention’s sake, let me offer the following story.

There once was a great and powerful king of Egypt who was afraid of his people. Trying to control them he realized they were becoming too great in number, so he decided take an even bolder measure. He commanded all of his subjects to throw every baby boy into the river that was born of this particular group. 

Some time later, another king, who heard of a future king being born in a nearby town was threatened by this news and ordered the massacre of the new born boys in the city where this king was supposed to be born. 

In fear and anger, the kings wanted to kill the people who would threaten them, and so they did. And that is where we find ourselves today. The power in this country- government, lobbyist groups, media, MTV, and so many others, in the name of freedom and fear promote, control, and advise our country to kill and massacre our babies just like the kings of old. The killing started with them, and it continues in our culture with the same perspective: life is about me and anything that threatens that does not deserve to live.

The story about these kings is not finished. In the first story, in the midst of effort to kill all the young boys, there was a brave mother who saw her child as beautiful and good and decided to hide him as long as she could. When she realized his life was in danger, she put him into a small wicker basket and floated him down the river. She saved his life. In the second story, hearing of the massacres, the father of the young baby took him and his mother to a nearby place to hide and wait out the unfolding events. They returned home safely, and the baby lived.

The baby in the first story was adopted and given the name Moses. The baby in the second story was given the name Jesus. Ever heard of them?

The lives of Moses and Jesus were threatened by the practices of the kings and the cultures they lived in. Our lives are similarly threatened by power and the culture we live in. There was a chance because of the practices and laws that our country has adopted that we could have been aborted and not given the chance to live. Praise God that we are alive today.

You see, Moses and Jesus were spared. Somehow, in the workings of God’s providence and grace, they were spared and given the chance to live. But, not only were they given the chance to live, they fulfilled the plan of God in a powerful way. Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt and revealed to the people the law of God.  Jesus needs no explanation. He was the Son of God and died for us all that we might have life…end of story.

In the light of this history and our culture today, have you ever sat down and realized that you have been spared too? Somehow, in the workings of God’s providence and grace you have been spared and given a chance to live. To really understand this notion is simply overwhelming.

My friends, I strongly support the pro-life movement and everything that it stands for. We must protest the laws against life. We must encourage ethical scientific practices. We must promote good marriages and chastity. But you know what we also must do? We must live as if we have been sparred and redeemed. We must live as if God spared us for a reason and has and incredible plan for our lives just like that of Moses and Jesus.

Being spared comes with the awesome responsibility of not only promoting life, but truly LIVING LIFE.  The conversion of hearts is not going to come with the passing of a law or millions of people marching on Washington (while those are good things!). The conversion of hearts is going to come when we live out a lifestyle that embraces faith, inspires hope, and in love, offers a better way. This means that we smile more, love others more, and most importantly - love the Lord more. And in experiencing this love, our spirits will give life to others.

We can’t afford to be merely pro-life, we have to be pro-living, and in my eyes there is a big difference.

We have been spared and have been given life. Truly living that life in Christ and being a person of hope will stop the killing.

It is up to us…start living

God Bless You,


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