Leaving the catholic church.

Question from Robert on 1/28/2008:

Hi my name is Robert. In 1999 I had requested my name be removed from the catholic church. I received a letter stating that my name has been removed. I was recently thinking is my name really removed or did they just put some mark next to my name? I got baptized and I did my first communion at the catholic church. since that time my involvement has been nil.

I'd like to know if my name has been totally removed from all lists or is my name still on the baptism/first communion lists? I would like to know for sure that my name has been removed from these lists and how can I go about to finding out? I'd like to know. For your own information I did not leave the catholic church for some wacky cult like you see on TV or did am I in some kind of wacky satanic group. I am just a guy who doesn't believe and just lives his life. I just don't like to be tied to anything that I am not part of. Or should I say that is not part of me. Thanks for any info. Regards, Rob.

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 1/29/2008:

Rob, You should call the parish of your Baptism for this info. Fr. Bob alevis

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