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Question from laura on 1/28/2008:

I have another question, I forgot how to bless my house or my children with holy water-used to know yrs ago. Being a returning catholic-I am not sure of the correct words to use when blessing property eg house/car/kids' rooms and my children. I have holy water and basically dipped my clean hand in it several times and made the sign of the cross and said "I bless so-and-so room in the name of the father/son/holy spirit and ask for the angel's protection for so-and-so in keeping them safe. Thanks, Father for all your wonderful help and support and may you have many blessings in life-sincerely, laura

PS-i have tried researching and found too many information that confused me further.

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 1/28/2008:

Dear Laura, What a great post! A near tragedy with a beautiful ending! Thanks for sharing this experience with all our posters, and personally, for detailing the genuine services of this special priest!!!!! He was so good, so genuinely priest! See how God provides for you, Laura, and for your dear ones! YOu won't forget this priest, nor should you. Pray for all of us. Laura, use Holy Water as a laver of cleansing, as a wash against all the non-good in your home.You did just fine. Fr. Bob Levis

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