Estraordinary Eucharistic Minister

Question from Michael on 1/6/2008:

In a discussion with a person who is an Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister (EEM), he revealed to me that he doesn't believe the Catholic Church is the One True Church and is required for salvation, with the exception being ignorance of such. If one simply lives their life as a good person, that is enough. He further revealed in a doubting tone that he's not sure the Eucharist is the real presences of Christ. I told him the Catholic Church is the one true Church, and is required for salvation. I also told him the Eucharist is the real presence of Christ, and not simply spiritual or a blessed piece of bread.

My question is number one, if he persists in these errors after being told the truth by me, is he a heretic?

Second question is should I tell the parish priest to examine this person to see if he should be removed from EEM until he professes belief in the real presence?

Thank you.

Answer by Matthew Bunson on 1/23/2008:

I would suggest first having a discussion with this person to be absolutely clear that you understood correctly what he apparently is saying. If there is no question that he holds such views, I would encourage him to speak to the pastor about these doubts and errors as he is placing himself in grave spiritual risk.

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