pro-life speech from our clergy

Question from Anon on 1/25/2008:

Dear Fr. Levis:

Why do our good Priests find it so hard to speak about abortion and contraception from the pulpit? Do they not realize that it is their responsibility. I have been attempting to spread the 40 Days for Life Campaign in my area. There are 45 Parishes in my County and only 5 have said YES in the past month. I find it a discouraging disgrace! How do I kindly encourage my Priests to get involved? This is not hard to do - it is free, and does not require a lot of work. I can't even get our Bishop to support this. I guess I am just after words of encouragement or some good advise from a wise Priest.

God Bless You Father for speaking the TRUTH.

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 1/28/2008:

Anon, /Some dioceses or areas are in a state of discouragement, of dryness. The average age of the priests in these areas is sometimes approahing 70 years of age. The shortage of priests is another demand on their energy and useful hours. Again, there are some very active pro-life groups and some priests are confident in the action of such groups and hold themselves free of pulpit responsibility. God bless you. Fr. Bob Levis

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