Baptism during Lent

Question from Elizabeth on 1/21/2008:

I have always been told that you cannot baptize during Lent. One of my friends asked me to baptize her baby and she wants him baptized in mid-February. When I asked my priest, he again advised me that baptisms were not done during Lent. Today she stated she called one of the other Catholic churches in town and the secretary told her that it would be okay. Is there a reson why my priest says no and another priest says yes, or does each priest make his own decisions about this?

Answer by Catholic Answers on 1/21/2008:


Baptisms may be done on any day and are not prohibited during Lent. Your priest is incorrect to deny baptism during Lent. I should mention though that the ordinary minister of baptism is a priest or deacon, which means that you should not baptize your friend's baby unless the baby is in danger of death and no priest or deacon is available.

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