Reserved Blessed Sacrament without permission

Question from Concerned Catholic on 1/29/2008:

My neighbor has a chapel in his home and has had it for 15 years now. It was built by his father as a coming home gift when he left the monastery after a stay of 8 years. The father told him that he wants him to continue praying as he did while in the cloister but to adjust the times to his work schedule. He has had many Masses said there by the pastor of his parish and many other priest-friends of his. One of the priests consecrated a few hosts to be left in the tabernacle in that chapel in a pyx. I asked him if he had permission from the local ordinary to keep the Blessed Sacrament in reserve. He said No and has no intention of obtaining permission to do so. I don't doubt this person's sincerity and prayerfulness. I can often hear him chanting the Divine Office daily in the morning and the evening. Could this person be excommunicated for having the Blessed Sacrament in his chapel without permission of the local ordinary? Not to mention the 150 various first-class relics of saints. Thank you for your time God Bless you Calumet

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 1/30/2008:

Calumet, He should have the permit of his Ordinary to reserve the Sacrament at home. Mass should be celebrated there twice a month. Fr. Bob Levis

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